Monday, 5 May 2014

Flower power water table fun

Princess and Grapie were playing in the garden with their water table and I wanted to find a new twist on it for them (to take their mind off the fact they weren't able to use the sand that we had just bought, as we still need to get a cover for it!) Luckily the lawn was covered with daisies so we got picking, and had a flower power water table pretty soon.

Both girls had a wonderful time scooping and pouring the flowery potion, and both both absolutely soaked, Grapie got so wet, even her shoes and her nappy were drenched!

The flowers looked beautiful floating in the water, there were hundreds of them in there!
Obviously, Princess had to try to get the daisies to go through the water wheel, at one point she had about 50 daisies stuck in there!

And of course, every flower power princess needs a crown so I made her one out of daisy chains, she was fascinated with seeing the daisys get linked together.

What a pretty, fun and best of all, free way to play with our garden toys in a different way!

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