Monday, 24 June 2013

Aunties Rock

Princess and the Grapie have many aunties and uncles and quite a few cousins, but one auntie has no children (yet) and live a couple of hours away, so we don't see her that often even though she is my sister and we are close.

But this weekend she visited. And as lovely as it was to see my sister  was even more lovely was the time princess and the grapie spent  with her (and he break that gave me!)

Their auntie has played jumping on the bed, bought them a bubble blowing bug, played dolls houses, sung songs, played skittles, bathed them and put princess to bed after lots of stories, and even took princess to the toilet 4 times in one meal while we were eating out (she made it soooo much fun!)

And while this was happening i have managed to sit down, drink a hot cup of tea (the whole cup too!), go to the bathroom on my own (simple pleasures) and had a whole afternoon with no one fighting over my attention!

So, to aunties everywhere, thank you! You may go home feeling exhausted after your nieces have made you play every game under the sun, but you have given a well deserving mummy a well earned little break!

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