Monday, 16 December 2013

Elf Antics

Our elf Jingles has been with us for 2 weeks now and has been mainly good so far this year,  has brought a few gifts, but has still managed to get up to a few cheeky antics!

On her first morning she turned the milk pink (slightly more appealing on my porridge than last year when she turned it green!)

She set up an invitation to play with Christmas cloud dough one morning, which was lots of fun!

She brought Princess a countdown to Christmas advent calendar so that she can practice her bigger numbers
One morning we found Jingles had brought a new Christmas book and was reading it to the other toys

She brought everyone a Christmas jumper and hid in a basket with them for everyone to find

And she had another naughty night when she got out a packet of sweets from the kitchen cupboard and left a trail of wrappers round the house!

She has some fun planned for next week, especially as Princess will be finished in preschool for the holidays in a few days so the build up to Christmas can really begin!

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