Thursday, 23 January 2014


We had Princess's birthday party this weekend, and with birthday parties come party bags. In ours we had little bottles of touchable bubbles, which we have been having fun with this week. These were really cheap to buy (15 tiny bottles for about £1.30) and if you blow them upwards, they will set by the time they reach the ground.

This meant that the bubbles could be caught in the girls hands and that they land on the floor to be jumped on! Grapie and I had a great time playing with them while Princess was at preschool, she loved catching the bubbles in her hands and stamping on the bubbles when they landed on the ground.

I love the simple nature of playing these games, seeing the wonder in Grapie's eyes at catching a bubble in her hands and popping it. Catching bubbles is also excellent for developing hand eye coordination in toddlers. And at a time when I feel Princess is growing up so much, having just turned four, to see how excited she still gets by chasing bubbles around is just wonderful. These are the sort of childhood moments I cherish and will always remember.

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