Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Attracting some nature to our garden

We have made a new addition to our garden which is proving to be very popular. Popular with Princess and Grapie, and popular with a load of feathered friends too. We have added a bird feeder to our garden and it ia a big hit all round! 

We hung it on the fence close to our house so that we can see the birds having a sneak through the window, even when we are not in the garden. We have quite a few regular birds in our garden anyway, and one by one they are starting to find our feeder. Firstly the big wood pigeon found it, you can see him in the above photo, and he is so tame that he will stay where he is even if we open the door and go outsisde!

Next a pair of blackbirds found it and in the last few days I have seen a bluetit and a robin having some food too. Its great for the girls to watch and they had a book for Easter about garden wildlife, so we can identify our feathered friends too!