Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Elfwatch- The magic begins

A special guest arrived at our house this morning. Her name is Sunshine and she is an elf, all the way from Santa's workshop, come to spend the summer with us. We are very lucky to have been chosen to have an elf, as summer elves are much less common than the Christmas elves that come to stay in December. In fact, you may have never even heard of them before!

The elf has set both Princess and Grapie a summer challenge and she will be providing them with plenty of opportunities to practice. Princess has been set the challenge of learning to write her name,, which will involve lots of fun alphabet and letter games, like these from ready-set-read.

Grapie's challenge is to learn to walk which will involve, well being a baby and learning in her own sweet time, she is almost there (and maybe her first pair of shoes!)

Sunshine the elf also has plans for some themed days, piate day, olympics day and of course princess day, and some fun experiments and crafts. Princess was ever so excited this morning when an elf was discovered on the trampoline with a letter from the big man himself, Father Christmas and hopefully this will be the start of a magical summer- watch this space for regular updates.

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