Monday, 22 July 2013

I just need some sleep

I have a confession. Grapie sleeps in my bed with me for most of the night. She starts off in her cot (after being breastfed to sleep, which is also a secret) but the first time she wakes up in the night, usually just after we have gone to bed, I bring her into bed with me and feed her to sleep.

 And I'm getting the most sleep I've had since she was born. Still not great but better, so I am enjoying sharing my bed with my baby.

What I'm not enjoying is the comments and 'advice' I keep getting whenever I tell anyone about our sleeping arrangements. If I had a pound for every  person who told me I was making a rod for my own back I would have, well, enough money to buy a bigger bed!

Maybe I am, maybe I'm not but at the moment it's lovely and cuddly and I just need some sleep!  I'm done with walking her around for hours on end, only for her to wake up again ten minutes later. So don't judge me, because I know that one day my little Grapie will sleep all night in her own bed, and when that day comes, I will miss her!

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  1. My Bubba don't even start in her bed!! I cant remember the last time she actually stepped foot in her cot! I wouldn't mind but the only advice people are willing to give is "leave her to cry" I cant help but not actually leave my Little precious bubba to be distressed and cry herself to sleep. So I will put up with Sharing my bed with my 16 month old.. Not that I really want to "/