Monday, 4 November 2013

A grouchy day for Grapie

Poor Grapie has had a grouchy day today. We all have coughs and colds at the moment and last night sleep rates as 1 out of 10 (or even less, it's not every night I take both girls downstairs at 3am and put on a dvd!)

But even taking that into consideration, she's still been grouchy. So I rhink that she may be finally getting some teeth! She's 14 months now and until last week only had 4 teeth. She got one last week (not in the order the charts say she should get them) but sooner or later she's bound to get some.

So Sophie giraffe has come out of hibernation (G apparently thinks that giraffes roar like lions, she's been roaring every time she sees her today!) No dinner has been eaten, it's definitely been a case of teeth glorious teeth rather than food glorious food today. And the Calpol is at the ready. Hopefully it won't be a huge drawn out affair and it ill be quick and easy for her. Or at least I'm crossing my fingers and wishing for it to be over soon. Because teething sucks! For all involved.

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