Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Chocolate Sparklers and Fireworks

Today was bonfire night and we had some friends round for some dinner and Fireworks. My partner and I both associate fireworks night with hotdogs from our childhoods, so that's what we made for dinner for everyone. And Princess and I made something extra special for dessert, chocolate sparklers!

They were really easy and fun to make and were very popular, especially with Princess! We started with some chocolate fingers, some melted chocolate and some crunchy chocolate sprinkles. We dipped the chocolate fingers into the melted chocolate, then dipped them into the sparkes and let them set. Easy and delicious!

Then we had some fireworks. Grapie didn't like the fireworks so I watched from inside the patuo doors with her where she felt safer. But Princess, who can sometimes be a bit sensitive to noise, watched them outside with her ear defenders on and loved it. I love this picture of her watching the fireworks

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