Thursday, 3 October 2013

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Ok, so any excuse to sing that song as it reminds me of special times, but tomorrow we will be setting off for the airport to go on our holidays! We will be spending the night at the airport before jetting off to sunny Spain on Saturday.

We are going with another couple and their baby which is a first for us as my partner and I are both introverts and like our own space. But this time we have hired a villa big enough for all 7 of us and will be having a sociable time with friends.

I am currently at the 'aaaahhh nothings dry so can't finish packing, quick we must put the heating on, it's an emergency' stage of packing, but I'm sure that calm will be restored tomorrow as my mum has very kindly offered to do the school run and take Grapie out for a walk so I can finish up packing without a tiny person unpacking faster than I can pack!

Then there is the small matter of getting myself ready to appear in a swimsuit, after a month of snuggly autumn clothes where no flesh had to appear in public. The least said about that the better I think.

Getting to the airport by train will be an experience with two children, two suitcases and a trunki (which child number 1 will want to ride on the whole time!), too much handluggage, two carseats and a buggy (which child number 2 will refuse to sit in and try to escape out of at every opportunity!)

But once we are there, splashing in the pool, making sandcastles, eating ice cream and best of all making memories, we will have a fantastic week of family fun. Then we will have to travel home..........!

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