Saturday, 3 August 2013

Elfwatch week 1

We have a guest for the summer. She is an elf from Santa's workshop, on her summer holidays. This is what she has been up to during her first week.

She has been very generous this week and has brought Princess lots of little presents in, all with an alphabet theme to help Princess with her summer challenge of learning the letters in her name. She left some sensory glitter letters for princess to trace, set up lots of ways of writing letters using different materials and senses, and an ice cream creamletter matching game.

She also took Daddy's car out for a drive (she was found in the drivers seat), she got out all Grapie's toys one night, then had a sleep in Grapie's baby sling. She went for a sleepover at Grandma's house with Princess and stayed up late looking at baby pictures of Princess, as she wanted to get to know her.

She used balloons (and magic) to float up to the celing and today she set up a reading nook in Princesses room while we were all out at a playgroup.

Having a summer elf has been a big hit so far, princess looks forward to finding Sunshine the elf every morning and I love seeing the look of amazement on Princess's face, as well as the complete complete belief in the magic of the elf.