Friday, 9 August 2013

Princess' new reading nook

Princess has started to want her own sapce, away from her sister, for some quiet time. She started to hide in her wardrobe. So I decided it might be time to update her bedroom a little bit and give her a reading nook, somewhere she can sit in semi-privacy and look at her books.

Princess loved the idea and helped me pick out a canopy to order. It's pink with sequins and fits perfectly in her reading corner.  Our magic elf put it up for her while we were out and filled it with cushions to make it snuggly and enticing.

I also really wanted a bookcase in which the books face forwards, like they have in libraries, as I think this will encourage her to pick out books more. We found one from Vertbaudet, ours was the last seasons version with a cut out heart that perfectly marches her bed. Princess took great pride in filling it with her books herself, putting her favourite books in the best spots!

She loves sitting in her canopy to look at her books, she often wants me to go in with her to read to her, and sometimes Grapie is even allowed in with her too.

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