Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Recycled toilet roll craft - the princess and the monster

Princess fancied making something, but I didn't have anything up my sleeve and was feeling a bit uninspired. So I just got out the craft box and let her get on with some impromptu making, the result was the princess and the monster ( there was also a prince but he had to be abandoned due to overenthusiastic use of glue).

Princess started by painting the toilet rolls (she asked me to draw on a face for the princess). Then she added the googly eyes which is her favourite bit and I'm actually slightly surprised that she stopped at two eyes each!
(By the way, she is dressed as Minnie Mouse doing this activity, luckily not too many mishaps).Next came the pipe cleaners, for arms and a crown for the princess. Then some pom pom earings and onto the second best part after googly eyes- glitter!  Both glitter and glitter glue was used in abundance to add that essential sparle required for a princess craft project. Lastly, she glued on some 'clothes' from scraps of paper cut from catalogues (this was my suggestion in an attempt to soak up some of the glue). 

So there we have it, an almost entirely child produced craft , which took on its own personality and was happily played with afterwards (once the glue had finally dried).

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