Friday, 16 August 2013

Elfwatch week 2

Sunshine the elf has had a fairly quiet week this week, mainly due to the fact that Grapie is teething and keeping everyone awake at night, so she has been too tired to come up with anything very inventive and mischievous to do!

She has had a few cheeky moments though, much to princesses delight. One morning we came downstairs to find that Sunshine was living up to her name, and was doing a spot of sunbathing on the living room floor. She was wearing Grapie's swim nappy, princess' swim towel and sunglasses (suncream too, even elves need to be safe in the sun)

She also rode daddy's new bike into the house and was found sitting in it in the living room, and one night she spent the night in Grapie's cot

One night Sunshine crepr into Princess' room and spent the night getting out all the books from the bookshelves and read them all in Princesses reading corner. Princess found this very funny and said in an exasperated tone,"I guess I'll have to put all these away then"(not sure where she can have heard that tone before)

A fairly quiet week for a cheeky elf, but Princess has loved it all the same, and I hear Sunshine has some big plans for next week!

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