Sunday, 11 August 2013

Growing Avocados

Avocados. Grapie loves them, princess won't try them, and I must be the only adult in the world to hate them. But the big seed inside is pretty cool and this week, princess decided she would like to plant one.

I had a funny feeling that there might be a specific way to do this, and thanks to the magic of pintrest we discovered that I was right. So this is what we did.

I gave the seed a good wash, to get rid of any flesh clinging to it.

We took 4 cocktail sticks and poked one in each side to look like a cross, about halfway down.

Fill a glass with water and put the seed in, flatter side down, to balance on the cocktail sticks.

Put the glass on a windowsill and wait. I would probably recommend having a few activities lined up while you wait as it might take a month to start growing! Top up the water regularly. Apparently the shell will crack open and the roots will grow downwards into the water, then shoots will grow upwards. Once both of these have happened it is time to plant it in earth. Watch this space, we will let you know how our little seed get on.